Timo and the Magical Picturebook: English version

Gepost door admin op 17 November, 2010

At the moment we are busy with the English version of the Timo app: Timo and the Magical Picture Book.
The voice-over has already been recorded. The Timo app has animated videos, the English voice needed to be synced to the Dutch version. In version 1.0 we had no text in the videos, with the new update dynamic text will be embedded in the videos. In this way we can easily update the app in different languages without making the app too heavy for download.

Here a preview of the English version of Timo and the Magical Picture Book:

In this sample all the text has been extracted from the animation. The text will be added later with dynamic scripting.

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2 reacties to “Timo and the Magical Picturebook: English version”

  1. Ben benieuwd naar de Engelse versie, leuk voor mijn kleinkinderen!
    Leren ze meteen weer iets bij!

  2. […] Dit blogartikel was vermeld op Twitter door Rian Visser, Stefan de Groot. Stefan de Groot heeft gezegd: preview van Engelstalige versie van Timo and the Magical Picturebook voor iPad http://bit.ly/bdM1YX #timoipad […]

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