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Gepost door Stefan de Groot op 21 mei, 2011

By the Grape

Derrick Neleman, initiator of By the Grape, has been a pioneer in The Netherlands for making wine available to mass audiences. By the Grape is a Dutch wine portal that provides information about wines in a fresh and engaging way. I am an avid wine drinker, but know little about it. By the Grape has provided me with a vast knowledge of all kinds of wines. It has daily columns and reviews of Dutch finest wine reviewers like: Nicolaas Kley, Onno Klein, Ruit&Rijst.

The site also has video’s about wine and uses all Social Media to connect to its audiences. A year ago Neleman published the first By the Grape magazine with Nicolaas Kley and Candy Dulfer in print. The second edition of By the Grape Magazine featured Thérèse Boer of three Michelin Star restaurant Librije and renowned Dutch author Ronald Giphart. The magazines and the site have a great and well thought out design, making it a brand. Neleman is always looking for new ways to tell the story of wine. It comes to no surprise that he has joined the two forces, the wine portal and the magazine, into one: By the Grape magazine for iPad. His first iPad only magazine features the Lady of Wine Jancis Robinson.

Jancis for iPad


The app brings both of best worlds together. The intimacy of a magazine and the interaction of a website. Jancis has an in depth interview by Anda Schippers and a documentary (video) by Fred van Dijk. It has tasting notes of Jancis herself. She has tasted several Dutch wines. In the documentary you see Jancis taste the wines and how she writes her reviews. The documentary provides an intimate look behind the scenes. It is a shame the video footage has a lot of grain into them. Maybe the videos have been compressed for size purposes. You can view the documentary as one long video of 45 minutes and you can view the documentary in different chapters. Maybe it is better to only show the different chapters and delete the complete video or the other way around and improve the video quality.

The layout of Jancis has been well thought out. The articles begin with a lovely typography. You can swipe downwards to read the rest of the article, which is visually shown in a graphic on the end of each page.

Users Interface

The user interface has some nice features. You can zoom in on the photos and swipe through them in a photo gallery. There are links to sites, which you can view inside the app. There is a section you can click on a question and the answer is shown on the right side. Overall the user experience is great. I find it hard to get to the top and bottom navigation, which shows the home button, a content view of all the pages, a RSS feed of Jancis Robinson’s site and a Twitter feed of Jancis.

Jancis for iPad is a great app, which has some minor bugs to be fixed. But making apps is like making wine. With each update the app improves. Luckily we don’t have to wait for another year to get the new update.

Buy Jancis in the AppStore for $3.99

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