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Gepost door Stefan de Groot op 14 december, 2012

AppsMakers have made the app PlayOutdoors for the company i Also Play The app is a collection of games for kids to play outdoors. The app is designed for kids, parents and teachers to find new ideas for outdoor play. The app is available for iOs and Android.

Every game is explained on a “card” with front and backside, which you can turn by swiping the screen. Every card tells you what you need, how many players, how to make it easier, how to make it harder and of course the rules of the game.

The games are divided into 4 categories:

– Ball games

– Tag games

– Group games

– Other games

Version 1.0 of the app contains 32 games. In the app is a button to tip a new game. New games can be added by updates. With the help of the users, the number of games will be increased.

One of the teachers of ASH (American School of The Hague) says about this app:

“A Game for All! Inclusion and differentiation in one deck of cards! This simple but ingenious set of games helps the players decide level of difficulty and suggests flexibility in its rules to include every type of player.”

iAlsoPlay is already very succesful as a cardgame and app in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The cardgame is used by over 1500 schools and the app reached number 1 in Dutch Education AppStore!

Compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 and iPod Touch and Android.

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