Archief voor December, 2012


Play Outdoors app for kids playing outdoors

AppsMakers have produced the app PlayOutdoors for the company i Also Play The app is a collection of games for kids to play outdoors. The app is designed for kids, parents and teachers to find new ideas for outdoor play. The same app is also available for Android by the name i Also Play.


Okidoki app for Creative Cave Publishers

AppsMakers are producing an new app called Okidoki. Okidoki is a cartoon app which shows the positive and negative side of things. The app will be made in black and white according to the Yin Yang principle. The cartoons are a take on Eastern wisdom, but with a twist. Penguins are the main players in this cartoons. Okidoki was created by the Dutch animator Stefan de Groot. Okidoki is made for Creative Cave Publishers; an new publisher that will publish narrative apps and Ebooks with comics, childrenbooks and animations.