Twenty percent discount on Apple Products

Gepost door Stefan de Groot op 13 April, 2014

Get twenty percent discount on your Apple products! When you publish eBooks in iBooks through your own account you can get up to 20% discount on your Apple Products!

If you login to your iTunes Connect Account you have an overview for all the options you can choose. At the subsection App Store you find the  information about the discounts:

You can buy up to 2 Apple products a year with discount.

When you click on your area you will be directed to a PDF with the phone numbers you can call for your country. The PDF has a short explanation what you must do to apply for the Apple discount:


Email address

Make an email address for your iTunes Connect account with your entire name in your email. Sample:

Abbreviations in your email address like will be rejected.

Contract number and address

Provide your contract number  and address.

Select Apple Product

Already have your Apple product selected you want to buy. You will get 20% discount on all Apple products from a  Mac Pro to an iPad. External products like keyboards,external drives and Apple Care don’t apply to the discount. So mind this when you make your order.

Verification and order

It takes up to 2 weeks to get verification for your discount. You will get an email with a discount number. You can use this discount number  to place your order with in the App Store.

I just ordered a Mac Pro with 20% discount. That is a lot of money!

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